Sjogren's Syndrome

                               Journey to Healing

This is the diary of my alternative healing journey. I have decided to allow my body the opportunity to heal itself before looking at other meds for my Sjogrens 
Ready, steady, GO!

Day 4

Wednesday, 4 Nov 2015 

I have started the Gerson Therapy, well that would be a lie because I am unable to 100% follow the Gerson Therapy as yet as I am unable to get the supplements for probably 2-3 months. Supplements need to be ordered from overseas and I am 'told' that this takes months? So lets see....

What I have decided to do is start the Gerson's so long and get myself into juicing and the enema routine.

I won't be doing the Gerson's cancer diet so my regime of juicing and eating is a lot easier.

I started with the juicing a week ago but only had 2 glasses a day to start. I am now going to have a glass every 2 hours and increase this to a glass every hour for 10 hours. It is recommended to drink 10 glasses of juice a day!  I am feeling bloated most of the time but I don't mind the juices and can drink them no problem.I have cut out all diary, sugar, meat and gluten.  I gave up meat a few months ago so that is not a tough one right now.  Giving up sugar and cheese seems to be the two I am missing the most but it will pass.

On Sunday I did my first enema. I was terrified to do this as I had read so many negatives about the enema. The doing part is a bit challenging. Feeling the liquid (1 Litre) draining in is rather uncomfortable. Like waves of contractions. Once the liquid is in you then need to hold it for 15 minutes which is required deep breathing. You feel so urgent to go relieve yourself, its really tough but practicing meditation helps get through this stage.

My first enema on Sunday went very well and I felt fantastic after.  Since Sunday its being a downhill with the enema. In fact I have felt shocking and it has not got better. There is none of that well feeling after, just bloated and a bit nausea. 

This diet is not 'pretty', I can actually visually see that the toxins are coming out.  My face since yesterday has broken out in pimples, even in my ears.  They not the usual pimples.

I have had a headache for two days,  a dull headache that never goes but I am ignoring it and have not taken anything.

I am also cutting back on products with chemicals in them while doing the Gersons.  I found all natural toothpaste which feels so much kinder to my gums already :) No more face cream, I am using coconut oil.  

The fatigue..... this is draining as I am not sleeping so the combination is fatal! I am also feeling emotional.  Completely understandable considering the changes and what my dear body going through. Having a lot of the 'sads' (tears) but I believe that it can be like this for some time.

I am all to aware that the 'sads' need to be dealt with too as there could be some underlying issue in my emotional life contributing to my illness. But not today, all I can muster is going to be this blog, juicing and resting.

Wondering..... does your brain also detox of chemicals because it feels like its sizzling.  

My symptoms still the same but dry mouth not so dry during the day because of all the juicing. YES!!! a positive ;)

The meds/vitamins I am taking at the moment:

Vtamin D

Omega 3

80% of our Immune System is located in our Digestive Tract

Flare Up

DAY 10

Tuesday, 10 November

Woke with a flare up and it is not 'pretty'! My eyes have bags and feel like they need intravenous liquid administered straight to them.  Everything that normal screams 'flare up' is flaring except my mind/brain! Usually by now it would be fog....  for the first time in months crystal clear?!?!?!?! WHAT?? For about three days I have woken with my head feeling like it has arrived to the right day and time.  As all Sjogies know you wake and feel like its the middle of the night and your head has a thick fog, you have no idea what day it is and how are you ever going to get your body out of this bed!

Well I have woken with clarity and feel ready to start the day but the body  complains... it feels fatigued and the rest of the day I drag it around with me trying to inspire it to join my 'clarity party' but alas not yet.

Did the Gerson's give me a flare up? I can honestly say, yes and no. Because I have had a lot of emotional issues come forward last week, also a missing cat, not resting when body burning out. I am sure the sudden change of diet and detox contributing to flare up.

 What does DAY 10 feel like? 

Good (smiling). The biggest improvement which is monumental is I AM SLEEPING!!!!!! 

I am an insomniac.  It is depressing, personality changing and cruel suffering from insomnia.  It feels like you are being tortured. So to sleep with absolutely no help is just mind blowing awesome!!! This alone I have no doubt is why I have such clarity and also my body will be able heal.

Gerson's Therapy: I want to make something quite clear, I am doing this diet for quality of life, so I am able to live without medication.  If I am cured it is a bonus! Also, I have many other ailments obviously not as bad as Sjogrens but they could easily turn into more left unmedicated. This diet is for ALL my ailments so lets see how they improve.

Finding supplements, his is proving difficult! I have not ordered supplements from overseas as yet as they are so costly and also take a very long time to get here.  Then there is the problem of customs which I am not sure I will have an issue with.  I am taking; Lugols Iodine, digestive enzyme, Flax seed oil. Tried niacin but had shocking reaction which got worse the following time so going to try again in a weeks time.

Sugar high, I was on the diet for about three days and my sugar was spiking which made me feel shocking so I went on the diabetic diet and felt a lot better.  I have included the fruits etc now and feel like I have candida or some kind of acidic imbalance.  Going to not have oatmeal and apples and see how I go.

Not doing the Gerson Diet 100% does frustrate me as I am 100% eating the right food and cutting everything out but not taking supplements and still needing the right juicer is probably a huge negative. I am juicing but with the wrong juicer.  

I have contacted Gersons Institute for assistance but not heard back as yet.  I am also grateful that I am going this alone as I have only my body to assist me with how to deal with the diet.  I have to listen very carefully to any subtile messages and then decide the wisest way forward.  This is a new relationship and I am getting a little better each day. It feels right, like its supposed to be this way.

A little set back is finding organic fruit and veg.  I have spoken to an owner of an organic shop and heard his frustrations with finding 'truthful' organic, its a challenge.  So I probably am not eating real organic.  So I have extended my vegetable patch which is not only going to be food for healing but also a wonderful connection to make with my food.  This harmony between me and my food is essential to my future health and I must admit I feel so much gratification making this change. It makes me smile, a lot :)

"To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves."  -             Mahatma Gandhi