Sjogren's Syndrome

                               Journey to Healing


Healing Journey


 My Story 

 I was diagnosed with Sjogren's in March 2014 which brought me to my knees with despair. Once I had time to reflect,  I came to the conclusion that Sjogren's may be a life saver.  I was living 'outside' of myself for most of my life and just before diagnosis had started making healthy changes. Having Sjogren's made it easier to surrender to the the change I longed for.

I am Cathy, a mom of three, a wife and thats about all I can manage to be at this  moment but pre diagnosis I had a successful photography studio.  I think I may have had Sjogren's for at least 3/4 years pre diagnosis.

I decided to start this website as I was desperate to find knowledge from fellow South Africans who too are suffering from Sjogren's and together share products and doctors etc that we have found helpful.

I also have the deep belief that I will be healed, I feel it within and its gives me hope.  Whether I heal completely or not I know that my life will be healthier. There is no magic pill for a cure but doctors say that if you change your lifestyle Sjogren's can go into remission. I have chosen to change my lifestyle and hope many who have or want to will join me.

I am going to use this website to document my progress on the road to healing and hoping many of you will join in.

I have done a substantial amount of research about Sjogren's but more importantly immune diseases and why it affects mostly women.

This also lead to a red light for me, I worked only with women in my studio as it was a Boudoir Photography Studio.  I had picked up through the years the inner suffering women experience and had started tentative steps to begin a new business with a psychologist to assist women with this inner suffering.

Do you see the red light?  I am one of those women.

My hope is for a Sjogren's Community who support and share knowledge so please make contact.

What exactly is change your lifestyle?

All Immune diseases are inflammatory which means we have to be on an anti-inflammatory diet. That is:

  • also STRESS releases cortisol in the bloodstream which increases inflammation.

Inflammation in the body = Increase in Symptoms

Therefore DIET, LIFESTYLE are key to milder symptoms and possible remission.

There are a number of steps I am in the process of implementing:

Body and mind:

  • Finding Health carers
  • Finding a kinesiologist 
  •  'Deep listening' counselor 
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness Practice


  • Giving up sugar (my drug of choice)
  • Gluten Free
  • Diary Free


  • Yoga
  • Mindful walking

These are going to take some time to implement and I will record the ups and down.

Watch this space for updates and the pages will grow.....................

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