Sjogren's Syndrome

                               Journey to Healing


Stress, my nemesis.

I have witnessed through self observation how I battle with stress and it often overwhelms me. 

From self observation I don't doubt that stress is at the core of my inflammation.  I am contributing to manifesting the symptoms.

This was not easy to accept and admit to. In order to understand and truly heal I had to have to look at all my 'ugly', dysfunctional bits and gradually bring the change so I can finally conquer my 'nemesis'. This is best accomplished with a huge dose of kindness to oneself first.

Stress seems to manifest in two ways for me, immediate stress (Acute Stress) that occurs from a situation in the present moment and then the more damaging stress, worrying about the possible situation/event in the future or from the past (chronic Stress).   

 Acute Stress feels like the 'healthier' of the two because its immediate, eg, flat tyre and usually requires a dose of those stress hormones to get the situation sorted.

Chronic Stress is the more damaging stress as it happens in the minds 'engine'. It can be compared to well oiled german, precision, handmade engine. This unbreakable engine may not be helpful to your well being anymore but it will need specialized tools to take apart. Your first task is finding the tools to start unassembling this engine. 

Mindfulness (meaning: "the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one's attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment" (wikipedia)) practice gives you the tools to live in present the moment, less the stress. 

It works! No more flare ups. I trust it will improve the more I explore this amazing idea of 'living in the moment'.

I am so grateful that I started living a mindful life a few years ago, had I not, I fear to think. I lived in the red zone daily, trying to be the perfect mum, wife, career.... I broke my nose and back while trying to be there for everyone. Sjogren's halted the crazy but it also depleted me of life energy.

Had you asked me years ago if it would be possible to forgive and not have stress, I would have said NO! I had no idea were to start and I also had no tools available.

There is an endless amount of great insightful info on the web to read about the effects of stress on your body. If you have Sjogren's, you probably struggle with stress. They seem to go hand in hand. Knowledge is power.

In Sjogren's STRESS = INFLAMMATION which then fuels our symptoms. So it is vital that you understand YOUR stress. 

 This is Self Love.

Love and unity, Cathy :)